“One day you realize that having business instincts is not enough for owners. They need other approaches. For instance, no one in Ukraine has an ambition to become a great manufacturer of some narrow segment of goods: charcoal grill, towels, bread etc. And how wrong it is!”, Volodymyr Patis, co-founder of the company Eskada-M shares his opinion with ItWork.


Business, which aims to total perfection changes not only its processes, but also influences the environment: region, clients, competitors… Founders of the company Eskada-M have told about how to establish such organization, drive for changes, creative approach in everything and love to people (as well as their selection and education) in the interview to kmbs ALUMNI stories project.


“We strongly believe that future lies with Ukrainian design. Which is why we have always tried to teach young designers, give them basic knowledge of the product (veneer board). For this purpose we have created a separate communication platform – AnOther Friday meetings. Here we can share our experience, talk about world-known trends", Volodymyr Patis tells about cooperation with designers.


Theory of constraint (TOC) – is the way to run the company (business approach), which is based on search and control of the main constraints, which determine success and efficiency of the company in general.